Research doesn’t sleep and neither do we! We’re always looking for new ways to contribute to discussions on topics such as synesthesia, savant syndrome, blindsight and deaf hearing, color perception and action. We’ve been fortunate to publish our ideas in journals such as Analysis, Analytic Philosophy, Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Cognitive Science, Consciousness and Cognition, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Journal of Philosophy, Mind & Language, Neurocase, Noûs, Philosophers’ Imprint, Philosophical Papers, Philosophical Psychology, Philosophical Studies, The Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophy & Phenomenological Research, Synthese, and The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, among many other places.

Feel free to read through some of our work listed below. Got any questions? Have a suggestion for future research. Let us know!


In Progress

  1. Adaptation, Agency and Intentional Action. Brogaard, B. UMSL IRB #233985-1
  2. Alteration in the color experience of grapheme-color synesthetes in response to grapheme contrast and brightness variance. DeStefano, M., Rice, K., Marlow, K., & Brogaard, B. IRB #376281-2
  3. Are Synesthetic Experiences Bidirectional?. Lepore, K., Wiley, K., Marlow, K., & Brogaard, B. IRB #376108-3
  4. Color and Sound Processing in the Parietal Cortex: A Second Pathway. Brogaard, B., Marlow, K., Overgaard, M., Tomson, S., Neufeld, J., Sinke, C., Owen, C., & Eagleman, D. IRB #373693-2
  5. Cognitive Penetration. Brogaard, B., DeStefano, M., Gatzia, D., & Marlow, K. IRB #420961-3
  6. Deaf Hearing: Implicit Discrimination of Auditory Content in a Patient with Mixed Hearing Loss. Brogaard, B., Marlow, K., Overgaard, M., Tomson, S., Neufeld, J., Sinke, C., Owen, C., & Eagleman, D. IRB #373693-2
  7. Do Synesthetic Colors Grab Attention in Visual Search?. Brogaard, B., Marlow, K., & Rice, K. IRB #233808-4
  8. Evidence for a Shifted Color Spectrum. Brogaard, B., DeStefano, M., Gatzia, D., Marlow, K., & Rice, K. IRB #444642-1
  9. Retention of Brightness Information in Visual Short-Term Memory. Camacho, J., Marlow, K., & Brogaard, B. IRB #337313-1
  10. Synesthetic and Non-Synesthetic Qualitative Experience. Conover, B., Wu, T., Marlow, K., & Brogaard, B. UMSL IRB #375804-2
  11. Test-Retest Reliability in Drug-Induced Synesthesia. Brogaard, B., MacLean, K., & Marlow, K. (Pending IRB Approval).
  12. The World Outside: Is Perception the Key to Understanding Autism?. Bahar, S., Brogaard, B., DeStefano, M., & Robbins, P. (Pending IRB Approval).
  13. Unconscious Processing of Perceptual Content. Brogaard, B., Marlow, K., & Matthen, M. IRB #404564-1
  14. Unconscious sound-symbolism in grapheme-color synesthesia. DeStefano, M., Rice, K., Marlow, K., & Brogaard, B. IRB #376317-3
  15. Visual Discrimination Performance in the Absence of Visual Awareness. Broadway, A., Faries, F., Marlow, K., Brogaard, B. IRB #435046-2



  1. Serotonergic Hyperactivity as a Potential Factor in Developmental, Acquired and Drug-Induced Synesthesia. Brogaard, B. Frontiers in Neuroscience, forthcoming.
  2. Is the Relativity of Simultaneity a Temporal Illusion?. Brogaard, B., & Marlow, K. Analysis, in press.
  3. Synesthetic Binding and the Reactivation Model of Memory. Brogaard, B. (2013). In O. Deroy & M. Nudds (Eds.), Sensory Blendings: New essays on synesthesia. Oxford: Oxford University Press, in press.
  4. Does Perception Have Content?. Brogaard, B. (2013). In B. Brogaard (Ed.), Does Perception Have Content?. New York/Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.
  5. Unconscious influences on decision making in blindsight. Brogaard, B., Marlow, K., & Rice, K. (2013). Behavioral and Brain Sciences, forthcoming.
  6. The Long-Term Potentiation Model for Grapheme-Color Binding in Synesthesia. Brogaard, B., Marlow, K., & Rice, K. (2013). In D. Bennett & C. Hill (Eds.), Sensory Integration and the Unity of Consciousness. MIT Press, forthcoming.
  7. Color Synesthesia. Brogaard, B. (2013). In K. A. Jameson (Ed.), Cognition & Language, Encyclopedia of Color Science and Technology, Springer, forthcoming.
  8. Perceptual Reports. Brogaard, B. (2013). In M. Matthen (Ed.), Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Perception, Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.
  9. Seeing Mathematics: Perceptual experience and brain activity in acquired synesthesia. Brogaard, B., Vanni, S., & Silvanto, J. (2012). Neurocase.
  10. Colour Eliminativism or Colour Relativism?. Brogaard, B. (2012). Philosophical Papers, 41(2), 305-321.
  11. Do We Perceive Natural Kind Properties?. Brogaard, B. (2012). Philosophical Studies.
  12. Vision for Action and the Contents of Perception. Brogaard, B. (2012). Journal of Philosophy 109(10), 569-587.
  13. What Do We Say When We Say How or What We Feel?. Brogaard, B. (2012). Philosophers Imprint.
  14. Seeing as a Non-Experiential Mental State: The Case from Synesthesia and Visual Imagery. Brogaard, B. (2012). In R. Brown (Ed.), Phenomenology and the Neurophilosophy of Consciousness, Neuroscience Series, Synesthese Library, in press.
  15. Non-visual consciousness and visual images in blindsight. Brogaard, B. (2012). Consciousness and Cognition.
  16. Are Conscious States Conscious in Virtue of Representing Themselves?. Brogaard, B. (2012). Philosophical Studies.
  17. The Status of Consciousness in Nature. Brogaard, B. (2012). In S .Miller (Ed.), The Constitution of Consciousness (Vol. 2), John Benjamins Publishing Company.
  18. Context and Content: Pragmatics in Two-Dimensional Semantics. Brogaard, B. (2012). In K. Allen & K. Jaszczolt (Eds.), Cambridge Handbook of Pragmatics.
  19. An Emotion Ontology Based on the Perceived Response Theory. Brogaard, B. (Feb. 23-24, 2012). Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Interontology Meeting, Tokyo.
  20. Are there unconscious perceptual processes?. Brogaard, B. (2011). Consciousness and Cognition, 20, 449-63.
  21. Conscious Vision for Action Versus Unconscious Vision for Action. Brogaard, B. (2011). Cognitive Science, 35, 1076–1104.
  22. Color Experience in Blindsight?. Brogaard, B. (2011). Philosophical Psychology, 24, 767-786.
  23. ‘Stupid People Deserve What They Get’: The Effects of Personality Assessment on Judgments of Intentional Action. Brogaard, B. (2010). Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 33, 332-334.
  24. Perceptual Content and Monadic Truth: On Cappelen and Hawthorne’s Relativism and Monadic Truth. Brogaard, B. (2009). Analytic Philosophy.
  25. Strong representationalism and centered content. Brogaard, B. (2009). Philosophical Studies151, 373-392.
  26. Colour. Brogaard, B. (2009). In D. Pritchard (Ed.), Oxford Annotated Biblios.
  27. Centered Worlds and the Content of Perception. Brogaard, B. (2009). In Hales (Ed.), Blackwell Companion.
  28. Color in the Theory of Colors? Or: Are Philosophers’ Colors All White?. Brogaard B. (2009). In G. Yancy (Ed.), The Center Must Not Hold: White Women on The Whiteness of Philosophy.
  29. Perspectival Truth and Color Primitivism. Brogaard, B. (2009). In C. Wright & N. Pederson (Eds.), New Waves in Truth.
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